In 2017, the ERC funded the FluoSurf Project: a Proof of Concept to validate the potential of a business activity based on high-performance surfactants for droplet-based microfluidics. Florine Maes and Quentin Jochyms took on this project and developped a new product based on JC Baret and V Taly research. With the support of many actors from the region of Bordeaux, they validated the product, its potential market and accessibility.

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Florine Maes, PhD

CEO, Co-founder

The Droplet Surfactant Company for Microfluidics I About Emulseo

Founded in 2018, Emulseo is a droplet surfactant company which manufactures high-performance surfactants for droplet-based microfluidics. Based in Bordeaux, the company was launched following an EU-funded proof-of-concept project which led to the development of FluoSurf, its first product, now commercialized worldwide (Australia, Europe, US, UK, Japan, …).