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Explore our detailed papers on the benefits of our products, showcasing their applications and advantages. This section offers comprehensive insights into how our products can enhance your work in different applications, providing practical guidance on their usage and the tangible benefits they deliver. Each document is designed to help you maximize the value of our innovations, driving efficiency, and effectiveness in your scientific endeavors.

PD1 - Evaluation and comparison of the performance FSC/FSO

Evaluation and comparison of the performance of
FluoSurf-C™ and FluoSurf-O™ for droplet generation, droplet stability along thermocycling and oil phase fluorescence

PD2 - Hydrophobic surface treatments

In microfluidic experiments, coating the channel walls of the microfluidic system with a hydrophobic surface treatment is most of the time required for a successful experiment. For efficient droplet generation, the oil phase must wet the walls of the microfluidic device…

PD3 - FluoBreak : Emulsion breaker

Fluo-Break is an emulsion-breaking product from Emulseo. Fluo-Break has been formulated to efficiently break droplets stabilized with Emulseo surfactants…

PD4 - FluoST3

Fluo-ST3 is a fluorophilic/hydrophobic surface treatment composed of a fluoroalkylsilane dissolved in a perfluorinated polyether solvent. Fluo-ST3 is a clear solution with low viscosity and low interfacial tension…

PB1 - Biocompatibility FSO/FSC/FSS

FluoSurf™-O, FluoSurf™-C & FluoSurf™-S are biocompatible and are specially designed to
stabilize droplets containing biological entities. This document presents the results of cytotoxicity assays carried out on formulations of FluoSurf™-O, FluoSurf™-C and FluoSurf™-S diluted in HFE 7500 fluorinated oil.