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Parathyroid-on-a-chip simulating parathyroid hormone secretion in response to calcium concentration

Royal Society of Chemistry:

Sunghan Lee, Hyo-Il Jung, Jaehun Lee, Youngwon Kim, Jaewoo Chung, Han Su Kim, Jiseok Lim, Ki Chang Nam, Yun-Sung Lim, Han Seok Choi and Bong Seop Kwak (2024)

Optimization of Tumor Spheroid Preparation and Morphological Analysis for Drug Evaluation

BioChip Journal:

Jaehun Lee, Youngwon Kim, Jiseok Lim, Hyo‑Il Jung, Gastone Castellani, Filippo Piccinini, Bongseop Kwak (2024)

Magnetic Microtweezers for High-Throughput Bioseparation in Sub-Nanoliter Droplets


Simon Dumas, Lucile Alexandre, Mathilde Richer, Marco Serra, Stéphanie Descroix (2024)

Performance and biocompatibility of OSTEMER 322 in cell-based microfluidic applications

Royal Society of Chemistry:

Petr Aubrecht, Jiří Smejkal, Petr Panuška, Klára Španbauerováa, Viktorie Neubertová, Pavel Kaule, Jindřich Matoušekc, Stanislav Vinopal, Michaela Liegertová, Marcel Štofik and Jan Malý (2024)

Optimization of Tumor Spheroid Preparation and Morphological Analysis for Drug Evaluation

Springer Link:

Jaehun Lee, Youngwon Kim, Jiseok Lim, Hyo-Il Jung, Gastone Castellani, Filippo Piccinini, Bongseop Kwak (2024)

An Efficient Method for the Production of High-Purity Bioinspired Large Unilamellar Vesicles

ACS Publications:

Meline Macher, Amelie Obermeier, Sebastian Fabritz, Massimo Kube, Hannah Kempf, Hendrik Dietz, Ilia Platzman, and Joachim P. Spatz (2024)

Physicochemical Properties Predict Retention of Antibiotics in Water-in-Oil Droplets

ACS Publications:

Artur Ruszczak, Paweł Jankowski, Shreyas K. Vasantham, Ott Scheler, Piotr Garstecki (2023)

Evaluation of Analyte Transfer between Microfluidic Droplets by Mass Spectrometry

ACS Publications:

Emory M. Payne, Maryam Taraji, Bridget E. Murray, Daniel A. Holland-Moritz, Jeffrey C. Moore, Paul R. Haddad, and Robert T. Kennedy (2023)

Single Hydrogel Particle Mechanics and Dynamics Studied by Combining Capillary Micromechanics with Osmotic Compression


Kalpit J. Bakal, Andreas M. A. O. Pollet, Jaap M. J. den Toonder and Hans M. Wyss (2023)

Measuring single-cell susceptibility 2 to antibiotics within monoclonal 3 bacterial populations


Lena Le Quellec, Andrey Aristov , Salomé Gutiérrez Ramos, Gabriel Amselem, Julia Bos, Zeynep Baharoglu, Didier Mazel, Charles N. Baroud (2023)

Nanodroplet-based reagent delivery into water-in-fluorinated-oil droplets

Bo Zhu, Zhe Du, Yancen Dai, Tetsuya Kitaguchi, Sebastian Behrens, Burckhard Seelig (2023)

Ultrahigh-Throughput Enzyme Engineering and Discovery in In Vitro Compartments

ACS Publications:

Maximilian Gantz, Stefanie Neun, Elliot J. Medcalf, Liisa D. van Vliet, Florian Hollfelder (2023)

Silicon chambers for enhanced incubation and imaging of microfluidic droplets

Lab On a Chip:

Nicolas Lobato-Dauzier, Robin Deteix, Guillaume Gines, Alexandre Baccouche, Benediktus Nixon Hapsianto, Shu Okumura, Guilhem Mariette, Djaffar Belharet, Samuel Queste, Laurent Jalabert, Matthieu Denoual, Yannick Rondelez, Hiroshi Toshiyoshi, Hiroyuki Fujita, Soo Hyeon Kim, Teruo Fujii and Anthony J. Genot (2023)

Formaldehyde sensing with anchored porous bead microarrays

Springer Link:

Esteban Guittet, Caroline Frot, Tatiana Achkar, Adélaïde Lety-Stefanska, Charles N. Baroud, Martine Mayne, Gabriel Amselem & Laurent Mugherli (2023)

Micro-compartmentalized strand displacement reactions with a random pool background

The Royal Society:

Thomas Mayer, Louis Givelet and Friedrich C. Simmel (2023)

Programmable Control of Nanoliter Droplet Arrays Using Membrane Displacement Traps

Advanced Materials Technologies:

Jason Harriot, Michael Yeh, Mani Pabba, and Don L. DeVoe (2023)

Evolution of Organic Solvent-Resistant DNA Polymerases

ACS Publications:

Mohammed Elias, Xiangying Guan, Devin Hudson, Rahul Bose, Joon Kwak, Ioanna Petrounia, Kenza Touah, Sourour Mansour, Peng Yue, Gauthier Errasti, Thomas Delacroix, Anisha Ghosh, and Raj Chakrabarti (2023)

Machine learning enhanced droplet microfluidics

AIP Publishing:

Claire Barnes, Ashish R. Sonwane, Eva C. Sonnenschein, Francesco Del Giudice (2023)

Generation of embryo-like structures from mouse embryonic stem cells treated with a chemical inhibitor of SUMOylation and cultured in microdroplets

Science Direct:

Tatiana Traboulsi, Sébastien Sart, Charles N. Baroud, Anne Dejean, Jack-Christophe Cossec (2023)

Cell Microencapsulation within Gelatin-PEG Microgels Using a Simple Pipet Tip-Based Device

ACS Publications:

Thuy P. T. Nguyen, Fanyi Li, Brendan Hung, Vinh Xuan Truong, Helmut Thissen, John S. Forsythe, and Jessica E. Frith (2023)

Electro-optics of confined systems

Science Direct:

Ana Cazorla, Sergio Martín-Martín, Ángel V. Delgado, María L. Jiménez (2023)

Nonlinear decision-making with enzymatic neural networks


S. Okumura, G. Gines, N. Lobato-Dauzier, A. Baccouche, R. Deteix, T. Fujii, Y. Rondelez & A. J. Genot. Nature volume 610, pages 496–501 (2022)

Fabrication of pH-degradable supramacromolecular microgels with tunable size and shape via droplet-based microfluidics

Science Direct:

H. Jung, S. Bulut, L.P.B. Busca Guerzoni, D. Günther, S. Braun, L. De Laporte, A. Pich; J. Colloid Interface Sci., 2022, 617, 409-421.

Multiple interactions between microfluidic droplets and on-chip pneumatic valves

Springer link:

T. Gilet, S. Van Loo; Microfluidics and nanofluidics, 2022, 26.

Active single cell encapsulation using SAW overcoming the limitations of Poisson distribution

Royal Society of Chemistry:

A. Link, J. S. McGrath, M. Zaimagaoglu, T. Franke; Lab on a chip, 2022, 22, 193-200.

A droplet-based microfluidic flow cytometry enabling absolute quantification of single-cell proteins leveraging constriction channel.

Springer link:

H. Yang, Y. Wei, B. Fan, L. Liu, T. Zhang, D. Chen, J. Wang, J. Chen; Microfluid Nanofluid, 2021, 25, 30.

Light-Powered Reactivation of Flagella and Contraction of Microtubule Networks: Toward Building an Artificial Cell

ACS Publications:

R. Ahmad, C. Kleineberg, V. Nasirimarekani, Yu-Jung Su, S. Goli Pozveh, A. Bae, K. Sundmarcher, E. Bodenschatz, I. Guido, T. Vidakovic-koch, and A. Gholami; ACS Synth. Biol. 2021, 10, 6, 1490-1504.

Variable inter and intraspecies alkaline phosphatase activity within single cells of revivied dinoflagellates.


M. Girault, R. Siano, C. Labry, M. Latimier, C. Jauzein, T. Beneyton, L. Buisson, Y. Del Amo, J-C. Baret; ISME J, 2021.

Thermally-actuated microfluidic membrane valve for point-of-care applications


M. Sesen, C. J. Rowlands; Microsystems & Nanoengineering, 2021, 7:48.

Confining Trypanosoma brucei in emulsion droplets reveals population variabilities in division rates and improves in vitro cultivation


S.H. Oldenburg, L. Buisson, T. Beneyton, D. Pekin, M. Thonnus, F. Bringaud, L. Rivière, J-C. Baret; Sci. Rep., 2021, 11, 18192.

Droplet-based microfluidics platform for antifungal analysis against filamentous fungi.


S. Iftikhar, A. Vigne, J. E. Sepulveda-Diaz ; Scientific reports, 2021, 11, 22998.

TrypanoFluidique : compartimentation, culture et analyse de la microfluidique de gouttes de Trypanosoma brucei


Simone Oldenburg. TrypanoFluidique : compartimentation, culture et analyse de la microfluidique de gouttes de Trypanosoma brucei. Other. Université de Bordeaux, 2021. English. ffNNT : 2021BORD0227.

Light-powered CO2 fixation in a chloroplast mimic with natural and synthetic parts.


Girault, R. McLean, T. Chotel, P. Claus, N. Socorro Cortina, J.-C. Baret, T. J. Erb; Science, 2020, 368, 649.

Multiplex digital microRNA detection using cross-inhibitory DNA circuits.

ACS Publications:

Y. Rondelez, G. Gines; ACS Sens. 2020, 5, 8, 2430.

Bacterial Expression Systems for Enzymatic Activity in Droplet-Based Microfluidics.

ACS Publications:

C. S. Karamitros, M. Morvan, A. Vigne, J. Lim, P. Gruner, T. Beneyton, J. Vrignon, J-C. Baret; Anal. Chem. 2020, 92, 4908.

Streamlined digital bioassays with a 3D printed sample changer.

Royal Society of Chemistry:

R. Menezes, A. Dramé-Maigné, V. Taly, Y. Rondelez, G. Gines; Analyst, 2020, 145, 572.

High-Throughput Triggered Merging of Surfactant-Stabilized Droplet Pairs Using Traveling Surface Acoustic Waves.

ACS Publications:

V. Bussiere, A. Vigne, A. Link, J. McGrath, A. Srivastav, J-C. Baret, T. Franke; Anal. Chem. 2019, 91, 21, 13978.