What is microfluidics?

Microfluidic technology involves the study of fluid behavior at a microscale and focuses on the control and manipulation of very small volumes of fluid.



Droplet-based microfluidics is a specialized area within microfluidics that focuses on the creation, control, and manipulation of tiny droplets of fluid. In this technique, droplets are typically formed by injecting one fluid into another immiscible fluid (such as water into oil). Each droplet can function as an individual micro-reactor, capable of carrying out complex chemical reactions or biological assays on a microscopic scale.

These droplets can contain a variety of substances including cells, particles, or chemical reagents, making them ideal for high-throughput screening, single-cell analysis, and precise chemical synthesis. The ability to manipulate and analyze thousands to millions of droplets simultaneously enables rapid experimentation and data collection, significantly enhancing research capabilities.

By miniaturizing and compartmentalizing processes into tiny droplets, droplet-based microfluidics revolutionizes the way scientists conduct experiments, enabling faster, more efficient, and highly scalable approaches to scientific research and development.

Overview of microfluidics applications and sectors

Our products are widely used in a variety of applications, including Digital Droplet PCRSingle-cell analysis, ScreeningSynthetic biology and Chemical and biological reaction control, illustrating our expertise in droplet-based microfluidics. 

Traditionally used mainly in the healthcare sector, the microfluidic technology is now being extended to many other sectors, including Biotechnology and medical, Cosmetic, Agro-industry, Environment & Energy, Materials and many more, offering innovative possibilities for all types of requirements.

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Digital Droplet PCR

Digital droplet PCR

Digital Droplet PCR (ddPCR) is a cutting-edge technique used for precise detection and quantification of DNA fragments. In ddPCR, samples are divided into thousands of individual reactions within microdroplets, enabling PCR amplification with high sensitivity.

Our stabilizer play a crucial role in maintaining droplet stability throughout the PCR workflow, while ensuring the integrity of their contents.

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Screening is a crucial process in various scientific fields, involving the systematic examination of large numbers of samples or entities to identify specific characteristics or attributes.

In biomedical research, screening plays a vital role in drug discovery, disease diagnosis, and genetic analysis. By utilizing microscale systems, screening processes can be streamlined and optimized, allowing for efficient analysis and identification of target molecules or compounds.

Microfluidic technology has emerged as a powerful tool for screening applications, offering precise control over experimental conditions and enabling high-throughput analysis. Through the compartmentalization of samples within droplets, microfluidic systems provide an ideal environment for screening assays, facilitating rapid and accurate results.

The application of screening methodologies enhances our understanding of biological processes, accelerates the discovery of new drugs, and contributes to advancements in personalized medicine.

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Single-cell analysis

Single cell analysis

Droplet-based microfluidics has revolutionized single-cell analysis, allowing for unprecedented insights into genomic, transcriptomic, proteomic, and metabolic levels. This technology isolates cells into monodispersed droplets, providing a controlled environment for analysis.

With droplet-based microfluidics, cells are compartmentalized into picoliter or nanoliter droplets, enabling high-throughput and low-cost analysis with exceptional precision. Our FluoSurf™ stabilizer ensures droplet stability throughout the process, guaranteeing reproducibility.

Biocompatible and produced in large quantities, FluoSurf™ is ideal for single-cell analysis, offering unparalleled advantages.

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Synthetic biology

Drop generation

Synthetic biology is a rapidly advancing field focused on engineering artificial biological systems with real-time monitoring capabilities.

Its controlled environment offers numerous applications across medical, chemical, and biomaterial sectors, providing insights into molecular processes crucial for life science discoveries.

This technology enables the construction of functional tissue formations and holds transformative potential in regenerative medicine. Leveraging microfluidic technology, synthetic biology achieves significant reductions in time and costs while ensuring precise control over biological content within microscale devices. Its analytical performance surpasses conventional macroscale instruments, marking a significant leap forward in biological and biochemical sample analysis.

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Chemical and biological reaction control

Control of chemical and biological reactions

The application of microscale systems has revolutionized the control and understanding of physical processes, particularly in chemical and biological sciences.

Microfluidic technology offers precise control over reactions, facilitating fundamental studies and predictions about molecular synthesis and high-throughput production.

By providing an ideal confined environment within droplets, microfluidic systems enable complex experiments and mimic essential features of chemical environments in living cells.

Understanding enzymatic reactions enhances our comprehension of biological systems and paves the way for discovering new chemical reactions, unlocking a realm of possibilities for scientific advancement

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Biotechnology and medical

Biotechnology and medical

This technology plays a pivotal role in biotechnology and medical applications by offering precise control over reactions and analysis. From drug discovery to genetic analysis, microscale systems streamline processes and enhance efficiency. Our microfluidic solutions enable high-throughput screening assays, accelerating the identification of potential drugs and biomarkers.

Additionally, our technology facilitates personalized medicine by enabling rapid and accurate diagnostic tests.

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Cosmetic industry

In the cosmetic industry, this technology revolutionizes product development and quality control processes. Microscale systems provide a platform for precise formulation studies, ensuring optimal product stability and performance.

Through high-throughput screening, our solutions enable the rapid evaluation of cosmetic ingredients and formulations, leading to the development of innovative and effective products. Additionally, microfluidic technology enhances the safety and efficacy assessment of cosmetic products, contributing to consumer satisfaction and regulatory compliance.

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Agro industry

This technology revolutionizes processes within the agro-industry, offering unparalleled precision and efficiency in various applications.

From crop protection to food production, our microscale systems play a pivotal role in enhancing agricultural practices and ensuring food security. By enabling precise control over reactions and analyses, our solutions facilitate the development and optimization of agricultural inputs such as fertilizers, pesticides, and plant growth regulators.

Microfluidic technology also enhances the screening of crop varieties for traits such as yield, disease resistance, and nutritional content, leading to the development of resilient and high-quality crops. Additionally, our solutions enable rapid and accurate analysis of soil and water samples, supporting sustainable farming practices and environmental stewardship. Overall, our technology empowers the agro-industry to meet the growing demand for safe, nutritious, and environmentally sustainable food production.

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Environment and energy

Environment and energy

In the fields of environmental monitoring and energy production, this technology offers valuable tools for analysis and optimization.

Microscale systems enable the rapid and accurate detection of environmental pollutants, facilitating timely interventions to protect ecosystems and human health. Our solutions also play a crucial role in energy production processes, enabling precise control over reactions and analyses in fuel cell development, biofuel production, and renewable energy research.

By providing high-throughput screening capabilities, our technology accelerates the discovery of sustainable solutions for environmental and energy challenges.

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materials research and development

This technology is at the forefront of materials research and development, offering unprecedented control and precision in the synthesis and characterization of materials.

Microscale systems enable the rapid screening of material properties, leading to the discovery of novel materials with enhanced performance and functionality. Our solutions facilitate the development of advanced materials for various applications, including electronics, healthcare, and aerospace.

By enabling high-throughput experimentation, our technology accelerates the pace of materials discovery and innovation, driving progress in diverse industries.

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