high performance surfactant
for droplet generation

PDS : Product Data Sheet
SDS : Safety Data sheet
COA : Certificate Of Analysis

FluoSurf™ is a biocompatible fluorinated surfactant specifically designed and optimized for production of monodisperse aqueous solution-in-oil droplets.

FluoSurf™ ensures long-term droplet stability, even in extreme conditions. Quality controls have specifically been developed to verify purity and performance of FluoSurf™.

Rigorous chemical and microfluidic assays are performed on every batch and summarized in the form of certificate of analysis provided with each order.

Fluo surf

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        FluoSurf™ allows the stabilization of droplets from 1 to 300μm with a high generation frequency (few to thousand droplets per second) and keeps droplets stable during heating cycles



        FluoSurf™ is biocompatible and can be used to stabilize droplets containing biochemical compounds or biological entities



        Thanks to a well-established post process allowing the elimination of impurities, FluoSurf™ is obtained with a high purity

        Leakage control

        Leakage control

        Thanks to the elimination of impurities involving leakage, hydrophilic and hydrophobic molecules can be efficiently contained within droplets



        FluoSurf™ production is perfectly reproducible. Each batch is tested for structure and performance following strict quality control specifications. A certificate of analysis can be delivered for each batch and is available on the website

        Larges volumes

        Production of large volumes

        Our capacity to produce in large quantities allows us to meet all your needs

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        Graphique de la stabilisation du FluoSurf
        Before Avant le FluoSurf
        After Après le FluoSurf

        Stabilization with FluoSurf™ FluoSurf™ guarantees droplet stability and population monodispersity following high temperature treatments such as heating cycles from PCR.