Emulseo develops and produces formulations for droplet-based microfluidic applications.

Our service is based upon long-time know-how and expertise in the field of microfluidics for pharmaceutical, biotech and chemical industry.

Whatever your application, we have a dedicated team of scientists focused on working closely with you to provide products of the highest quality and guide you through your applications.

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Droplet generation

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For optimal droplet stabilization

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Biocompatible fluorinated oils

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Surface treatments

Surface treatments

For adequate wetting

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A globally
recognized solution

At Emulseo, we are proud to be a globally recognized solution. With clients spread across the globe, we are ready and eager to meet a diverse range of needs and preferences. Your satisfaction is our priority, no matter where you are or what your needs may be.

Mondial implantation
Darwin microfluidic
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What they say about us

We manipulate micro droplets in complex fluid circuits and Emulseo’s surfactant very reliably provides long term droplet stability. We greatly appreciate their prompt service and technical support.

Development Engineer

Cell therapy – Company in India

We use Fluosurf now quite regularly and are very satisfied with its performance.

Head of microfluidics

Drug development – Company in Germany

We are very happy with the service Emulseo provide us with. Especially the communication was very easy and you supplied us with needed information quick and thoroughly.


Acoustofluidics – Academic laboratory in the UK

Great surfactant, we’re using it on a daily basis to make microfluidic emulsions of water/hydrogel in fluorinated oil. We have no wetting or coalescence of the aqueous droplets, and we’ve tested the surfactant successfully to study encapsulated bacteria and microalgae. Also, very good customer service!


Cell encapsulation – Company in France

They support us