Products description / FLUO-ST3

05 June 2024

Fluo-ST3 is a fluorophilic/hydrophobic surface treatment composed of a fluoroalkylsilane dissolved in a perfluorinated polyether solvent. Fluo-ST3 is a clear solution with low viscosity and low interfacial tension. After treatment, a uniform layer is covalently attached to the treated surfaces, making the walls of the
microfluidic channels both hydrophobic and fluorophilic. This treatment allows a better generation and stability of droplets in fluorinated oils. Fluo-ST3 is especially adapted for use with Emulseo’s surfactants and oils.

Article ECHOS Judiciaires Girondins

14 February 2024

Microfluidique, ce monde invisible aux possibilités infinies

European Antibiotic Awareness Day, November 18

16 November 2023

As we gear up for European Antibiotic Awareness Day this Saturday, November 18, we’re thrilled to share our latest article on this crucial topic. At Emulseo, we believe in fostering awareness and understanding about the importance of responsible antibiotic use.

World Health Day

07 April 2023

Emulseo is actively taking part to the World Health Day, as our CEO Florine Maes says : “Our major goal is to use our microfluidic expertise to make research more accessible for a safer world”.

Happy Health Day from the Emulseo team!

World Cancer Day, February 4

04 February 2023

Emulseo takes part actively to the race against cancer by providing chemical formulations for droplet-based microfluidic applications […]

MF-14 Microfluidics Consortium

26 January 2023

Come and meet us at : MF-14 Microfluidics Consortium / 02-03 february 2023 / San Francisco, USA

Emulseo is now ISO9001 certified

16 January 2023

This is the culmination of a process that started several months ago, aimed at creating an efficient quality management system that reflects our image. The Emulseo team mobilized around this structuring project and did a fantastic job.

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Emulseo raises €1.5 million to accelerate its development

17 November 2022

Emulseo is pleased to announce the closing of its new €1.5M fundraising round to accelerate its development.