Fluo-Break : Emulsion Breaker

13 July 2023

Discover Emulseo’s Emulsion Breaker Fluo-Break, which has been formulated to efficiently break droplets stabilized with Emulseo surfactants.

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04 May 2023

Our products and our technology are used by scientists around the world, visit our website and take a look at some of the scientific papers published to date here.

Emulseo’s novel fluorinated oil Fluo-Oil 200

27 April 2023

Discover Emulseo’s novel fluorinated oil Fluo-Oil 200 to improve dye retention in your droplet-based microfluidic experiments.

Fluo-Oil 135: An alternative to Novec™ 7500 fluorinated oil

30 March 2023

Discover Emulseo’s novel fluorinated oil that can be used as an alternative to Novec™ HFE 7500 in microfluidic experiments.

Comparative study of hydrophobic surface treatments

16 March 2023

You need an easy to handle and a highly efficient hydrophobic treatment for your microfluidic experiments?

Emulseo has the right surface treatment for you !

FluoSurf-C™ and FluoSurf-O™

16 February 2023

Evaluation and comparison of the performance of FluoSurf-C™ and FluoSurf-O™ for droplet generation, droplet stability along thermocycling and oil phase fluorescence […]