Interview with Valérie Taly & Jean-Christophe Baret

20 April 2023

Today it’s a double interview with Valerie Taly and Jean-Christophe Baret, both co-founders of Emulseo.
Valerie Taly, CNRS research director and Jean-Christophe Baret, Professor at the University of Bordeaux are part of the scientific board and contribute a lot to the strategy and development of our start-up.

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Interview with Didier Roux

23 March 2023

Today, it’s an interview with Didier Roux.
Non-executive Vice President at Emulseo, Didier is a real talent in the development of our startup. He is a member of many scientific boards, he is involved with several SMEs, and he brings many different expertise thanks to his rich experience, which makes us honored to have him on our team!

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Welcome to the team!

09 March 2023

As part of our growth journey here at Emulseo, we are pleased to welcome Valerie Scappaticci to the team!
Member of the strategic committee and one of the shareholders, Valerie chooses to invest her energy in helping Emulseo meet the challenges of structuring its activities.

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International Women’s Day

08 March 2023

Big shout out to the international women of Emulseo : Florine, Valerie, Ségolène, Estelle and Justine.
Fantastic team, women, all day everyday, not just today.
Thank you!

Interview with Estelle Andre

19 January 2023

Today, it’s an interview with Estelle Andre!
Microfluidic Applications Engineer, Estelle is passionate about sciences and R&D, but she is also passionate about movies with Morgan Freeman…no spoilers!

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Interview with Hamza Ouattara

30 October 2022

Today, it’s an interview with Hamza Ouattara!
Microfluidic Analysis Technician, Hamza is passionate about sciences and R&D, and he also pleases his team with very good home cooked meals!

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